UFO Show In malayasia

As reported by Shin Chew Daily, Friday, March 26, 2010, residents in Taman Sri Andalas housing, Selangor, admitted three times to see strange objects in the sky around the location of housing.
On March 16 last, some local residents saw the UFO in the clouds Selangor. According to one witness, they saw the UFO-shaped light blue circle.
It was seen circling in the sky for some time. Li's family, from the other housing in Taman Wira, claiming to be the first to notice the UFO.
Then, other claims start coming in who claimed to see flying objects that for three consecutive days. When the news began to spread, some residents of about 20 people set up equipment to capture the moment a UFO.
They've been waiting for the UFO sightings since Wednesday night. Reportedly, the flying object often appeared around 8 pm local time.
Li Kangwei (26) claimed it had seen a UFO through a telescope. He told me, it has a shape like what ever aired in television.
Flat-oval shape like a flying saucer blue. When it was flying low, the color of light emitted gradually turn red.
He also had seen it has high speed. Supersonic aircraft. "For three nights, the unknown object seen twice. That is when they float in the air, and when flying cross," he said.