Google and Monopoly

google and monopolyGoogle accused of doing the monopoly on the continent. Internet giant is also now in the European competition regulatory peyelidikan after complaints came from three companies.
Google votes to unhealthy competition deliberately lowered ranking of sites from his search results. This complaint came from shopping sites and search engines Foundem French law, Microsoft's service was, Ciao From Bing complained about Google's terms and condition.
-Complaint on the complaint, Google urged by supervisors competition and monopoly, the European Union to give its response. Google knows that to escape from this trap is a difficult thing to do, although they do not fully acknowledge the mistakes ditudingkan.
If drawn further, this complaint case was triggered by competition between the two Internet giants. One factor that strengthens the suspicion is that the above pegaduan rolling after Ciao purchased by Microsoft in the year 2008. Previously, Ciao to Google's AdSense service partners and does not occur any problem.
"We're always working hard to achieve success the right way, through technological innovation and products that qualified, rather than doing deceitfulness," said Julia Holtz, Google's advisers.